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Top 5 Writing Posts 2016

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At the beginning of 2016, I set out to refocus on my blog and write more about writing. I know how helpful I find it when other writers share their own writing journey and path to, or towards, publication. So I decided to share my own.

My Aspiring Writer series has not only been a hit with readers, but also helps me focus and learn from my experiences along the way. I’m sure I’ll look back on some of my posts in years to come and cringe at my naivety, but it’s all part of the writing journey isn’t it?

So, to finish the year on a high, I thought I’d compile a list of my most popular writing posts for 2016. These posts have had the most hits on my website, and also the most shares on social media. They are also the posts where people have reached out via social media or email, to thank me for. I love connecting with other writers in this way.

One day, after I’m published, and after I have a whole lot more experience under my belt, I hope to be able to mentor aspiring writers. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than encouraging people with a passion to write. The writing fire burns within me, and I know how powerful and how enlivening it is, so to stoke the fires of beginner writers and inspire them to keep pursuing their dream would be ultimately rewarding.

But until then, here’s my…

Top 5 Writing Posts for 2016


1. Creating a Writing Habit
By far my most popular post this year! Why making writing a daily habit is so important, and how to do it.


2. The Aspiring Writer: Manuscript Assessments
What is one, and should you have one? The all important tips you need to know before diving in.


3. Pitch Your Novel Course Review
If you’re heading towards a completed, edited, and proofread manuscript you need to know what to do next. This course at The Australian Writers’ Centre is a must if you are wanting to pitch your novel to agents and/or publishers.


4. Instagram for Writers
Instagram is more than just another social media platform. It is also an effective (and fun) addition to your marketing/writing tool box. Here’s the why and how.


5. The Aspiring Writer: Getting Serious
So you want to be a writer? Now’s the time to get serious and commit.



Do you have any writing posts to share that you’ve found helpful this year? I’d love you to share a link below in the comments.

And if you’ve enjoyed my writing posts, please let me know!