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My Top Ten Posts for 2017


It’s time again for my annual list of top blog posts of the year.

This year, my blogging focus turned from a mix of introspective posts and writing posts, to a more dedicated focus on writing. I’m now officially a writing blogger. (cue applause). The evolution was organic, and it feels right. And when analyzing my statistics, I think it has been more than a successful transition!


So here’s my top 10 performing posts for 2017, just in case you missed one of them.

10. How to deal with writer envy

9. How to build your author platform

8. Masterclass with Fiona McIntosh wrap up

7. 5 ways to improve your writing now

6. Am I qualified to give writing advice?

5. Dealing with creative guilt

4. The Evolution of personal blogging; Where to now?

3. Author Interview: Natasha Lester

2. The Aspiring Writer: When you feel like giving up

1. My manuscript is done!


I must admit, I’m a big chuffed that my number one post was the completion of my manuscript, as this was definitely the high point of the year for me. And it means that so many of you are interested to know how my writing journey is going; and that means a lot.

I also have to make a special mention of my series ‘A Day in the Life of a Writer’. I didn’t include these stats in the above top 10, but the response was overwhelmingly huge! And I’m not exaggerating. I can’t wait to continue this series in 2018.

To check out the full list of ‘A Day in the Life of a Writer’ posts click here. 


So that’s a wrap for 2017, well almost. There’s still a few weeks to go, but I know they will pass in the blink of an eye.

I’m so excited for 2018. To continue sharing my thoughts and learnings on writing, and the continuation of my writing journey. Who knows, what 2018 will bring!