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How do you walk?

walk jfgAre you a walker? Do you enjoy a daily walk? Is it a brisk, good-for-the-heart walk, or more of an ambling stroll? Do you walk the kids to school or walk Fido around the block? Perhaps you walk to work or to your nearby gym? Whatever walking you do, how big a part of you day is it?

My daily walk is an essential part of my day. Without it I really struggle to behave like a normal person, well my sort of normal anyway. There are days when I will even be able to walk twice! Those days are really special and when I do get the opportunity (aka make the time) I find myself so much more alive and motivated. It’s like a switch has been clicked in my brain. I think more clearly, I am more patient, more motivated, more creative and have so much more perspective.

Walking is essential for the soul.

It helps me clear my head, breathe and simply pause and see the bigger picture.

It allows me time to arrange my thoughts into some orderly fashion and realise the simplicity and beauty of life.

It makes me realise how small we are in the universe, yet how big my own universe is.

It reminds me what really matters isn’t what others think and that life is what I choose to make it.

I helps me remember, each day, that the simple things in my life are the most important and reminds me to cherish those things I hold dear; to soak them into every pore.

When I walk by myself the alone time, the me time is blissful.

When I walk the dogs with my heart beat increasing and the blood pumping it warms me inside and out and feels fantastic.

When I walk the girls to school it makes my heart swell. This precious time for us to be. To breathe in our ever changing surroundings and enjoy the best part of the day. We get to talk about stuff. All that stuff that sometimes gets forgotten between after school activities, homework, play and rush hour. The important stuff.

For me, walking is so much more than putting one foot in front of another. It is such an integral part of my day and reminds me who I am and why I am here. It calms me. It energizes me. And resets my compass.


Do you walk? What brings meaning and clarity to your day?