What I know about writing…

Inspired by a questioned posed by Sarah over at that space in between I am here to tell you what I know about writing, which really isn’t enough to fill a blog post as there is more I don‘t know about writing than I do.

Thing I do know is quite simple, yet it is the hardest part of this writing game that I like to challenge myself with. And that is:

To write you have to well… write!

See I told you it was simple. The problem is, it is so much easier said than done.

As a writer or someone who likes to call herself a writer, I know that it is easy to make up excuses not to write. Can’t find time, can’t find inspiration, writer’s block, too many distractions and my favourite, I’m not a recluse. (Weren’t the best writers reclusive?)

But when all is said and done and all the excuses and reasons are spilled out on the table, it really just comes down to just sitting down and writing. Tapping those fingers away on the keyboard and writing whatever it is they so desire. Yes it may be a load of indecipherable mumbo-jumbo (yes that is a technical writing term), but it is words filling the blank space. It is a starting point.

This is the way I have decided to face all my writing. Once the preparation and research is done, just sit and write. Don’t read back or edit as you go, just write. Yes, it won’t be perfect the first time, it will need editing, reworking, tweaking. Everything does, but you will get those words down and you will be writing.

So, what do you know about writing? Head on over and share your wisdom.


  1. As a person skilled at the art of procrastination I find the hardest part of the writing bit is sitting down and doing it. Im always writing in my head but at inopportune times like while driving, or pushing a pram or lying in bed. The scheduling of time to write always coincides with the moment where I want to do anything but!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write and link up. Its nice to here from people who struggle and succeed with similar things.

    Sarah x

  2. So true. Some of the excuses can border on the ridiculous, and probably the only time you’ll catch me doing housework 😉

  3. My biggest problem is trying not to edit as I go. I find it almost impossible to move on until the last sentence is perfect. Perhaps that’s my procrastination!

    1. Yeah, that is a tough one and takes a lot of practice, but I find I actually write better if I just go hell for leather!

  4. Oh, yes yes yes! The actual *doing* is most often the hardest part for me, too. But then I get these great waterbombs of stories hanging heavy in my head that if I don’t start writing them, fill up my every thought so I end up too distracted not to go and write them out. That’s how I ended up writing most of my book, come to think of it.

    And it looks to me like you’re 3/4 a writer if all you’re not doing is the ‘recluse’ part! (mumbo-jumbo is so a technical writing term, by the way 😉

  5. Yes! As a fellow writer I know it’s also really important to read! And whilst I love reading, just as much as I love writing it’s that thing called balance that a lot of us are chasing! I write and edit later too. Breathe, wait for the inspiration and then write, write, write. xx

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