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What a different perspective brings

You know when you are looking to buy a new car and you start to see the car you like everywhere? It’s parked next to you in the supermarket, across the road at the traffic lights and passes you as you drive down the highway.

Life’s like that in general. When your mind changes focus your perspective changes and you begin to see things that you previously glazed past.

Writing is like that.

Writer’s are born, but not always at birth. I have always loved writing, reading, stories and people watching. Always. But my birth as a writer has a been a gradual one. One built over many years and with many years still ahead.

Since choosing to be proactive and gaining the courage to actually call myself a writer, I have noticed a shift. My perspective has changed and I see the landscape before me with fresh eyes.

I’ve always been intrigued by people and human nature and could sit for hours just watching and observing. (in an innocent non-creepy way of course). Everything I see around me has promise of a story, is a story. Every person is analysed, their body language noted, their facial expressions studied. They way the speak, react, and interact gets locked away upstairs for future reference.

Every one has a story to share, a story to be told. Every moment builds, the imagination grabs hold and the story takes form like lego interlocking piece by piece.

But it’s not only people.

I see the world differently. It is more alive. More descriptive. It dances before me in a way that was previously unseen. Every corner, every stone, every breath of wind. Even dull, grey buildings catch my eye. I look up to the horizon and see the way the buildings greet the sky, the tall trees casting their shadows, nature meeting man. The world seems such a big place; it’s like seeing it through the eyes of a child once again.

I would like to say this new perspective has spilled forth with an ease at the keyboard, but the words don’t flow anymore easily than before. Writing is still hard and it will always remain a skill to be honed. One that takes time, a lot of time.

What I do know is that the mind shift that has occurred has changed me and made me a better person. Perhaps it is following the heart that creates peace and calm. Perhaps that is just airy fairy bullocks. I can’t quite put my figure on it. But I do know I like it.

Has changing your perspective on something affected you more than you realised?