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What to do with all that money?

Today I have for you a light-hearted fun post, as I’m feeling that way inclined, so why not?

I’m not really a gambler. I don’t bet on the horses, or any sport for that matter, I don’t flutter on the pokies and  I rarely buy a tattslotto ticket. I don’t like the odds. But the strange thing is when I do buy a ticket it’s usually in one of those super draws, like the  30 Million Dollar Tattslotto draw on the weekend or the Oz Lotto draw tonight, 50 Million Dollars. Silly really. All that money.

But even so, I do like to torment myself and imagine what I would do with all that money. Or even a small portion. I’m not greedy at all, a couple of ‘mil’ will be fine thanks.

And as a matter of fact, I already have it spent.

Firstly there is the a portion that I would donate to charity. Most likely Camp Quality, Cancer Research and the Guide Dogs.  There are so many worthwhile charities but these probably are closest to my heart and if I can donate a large sum so they can continue their research and support I certainly will.

Then there would be the mortgages and credit cards to pay off with a big fat smile on my face that would be hard to wipe off. And also to be followed by a lot of Champagne to celebrate!

Next would be trust funds for the girls that they can have access to when they are 25. Hopefully they are mature and sensible by that age! (Not that I was, must rethink that age clause….)

A new car would be good. Nothing too flash, maybe an Audi Q7 to fit all six of us in a little more style than our little Subaru.

Then I would allocate a portion to close family to help with mortgages and house renovations. Everyone struggles and although I know they would all refuse we would of course insist.

There would be a portion for our holiday kitty. We want to take the girls back to the US next year and then would love to show them Europe. But first we would take a tropical island holiday for a couple of weeks to somewhere warm like Vanuatu. I think we could almost justify a little romantic few days away just for husband and I too. Yes, that sounds nice indeed!

And after a few shopping sprees on household items, furniture and clothes we would then use the money to make money and do what dearest husband loves doing: renovating houses. He would love nothing more than to quit his tradie day job and spend his days renovating. There would be no pressure, no financial restraints and he could relax and enjoy loving what he does each and every day. And I would love to see him doing just that.

And me? I’d still write, just more and without feeling I have to justify my time. I’d sell the dance-wear store and spend my days writing, being a mother, wife and everything else I still do right now.

Now I’m not naive enough to believe that money solves all problems or even makes you happy, but it would make things easier financially. There is no doubt about that, providing you don’t go crazy and I don’t think we would. We’ve done the hard yards financially and dug our way out of deep holes still shifting soil today but getting there and when you know what it is like ‘without’ you appreciate the other side even more.

But… the chances of a big win coming our way are really slim, like really, really slim, but it’s nice to dream and have a bit of fun every now and then. Life’s too serious and full on not to sometimes!

So tell me what would you do if you chanced upon a big win?

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