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What’s going on?

What a week! The lead up to a holiday or long weekend always feels pretty full on, probably because you still have to fit a whole week into the shorter available time frame.  But we made it.

Here I sit nestled in our caravan, the noise of holiday makers mingling outside in the park and the excited squeals and laughter of kids full of anticipation for what the next few days brings.

We holiday in our caravan near the beach twice a year; Easter and Christmas. It’s a nice break, and one of the only times I don’t feel guilty about tapping away on the keyboard or lazing around with a good book. It’s that kind of holiday. No theme parks to attend, no day trips for new sightseeing, just a leisurely pace of beaching, walking, lazing, and enjoying family time.

Tonight I have managed to send off a new article pitch, finish and send my entry to the Country Style Short Story Competition and write this blog post. Next on the agenda is tending to my novel. I’m definitely on a roll!

It’s amazing the buzz I get from writing. It’s almost euphoric at times. The good times of course. When I’m on a roll. Sometimes you just find your voice, sometimes it is screaming so loud and the words just flow effortlessly. Buzz. Euphoria.

So before the voice quietens and the words dry up I’m going to wish you all a Happy and Safe Easter. Enjoy whatever it is that makes this time special for you. That’s what it is all about.


What’s going on with you this Easter?