What’s your morning routine?

morning routine jf gibson

I like to think I’m a morning person, but I’m also a bit of a night owl too. Which really means that sleep is something that I don’t get enough of, and that’s a whole other blog post! Back to the topic at hand.

As a self-confessed ‘people-watcher’, which sounds much nicer than a voyeur, I find myself intrigued with the morning routines of successful people. Quite a few articles are saved in my bookmarks. One’s such as 12 highly influential people share their morning routines, and this one discussing the daily routines of 12 famous writers and then there’s this one, the morning routines of 12 women leaders.

So I was intrigued last week when ProBlogger shared the morning routines of 10 of their speakers due to speak at this year’s event.  And it got me to thinking about my morning routine.

I’m a routine kind of gal. In the mornings, it’s fairly regimented and if I don’t stick to it (aka pressing the snooze button) I feel terrible both mentally and physically for the rest of the day.

Here’s my typical morning routine. 

6am – Alarm goes off and I jump out of bed. And yes I literally do jump, as if I lie there even for a second I find myself not wanting to get up. I get up, put my workout gear on and then pack hubby’s lunch for him. (Good wife hey?)

6:10 – Exercise. I like to mix it up so it might be a 30-minute session on the spin bike, a Jillian Michael’s workout or just a toning/strengthening workout using one of my apps. In summer I like to head out for a run.

6:40 – Ten minutes of cool down and stretching, and a big drink of water.

6:50 – Get dressed (I don’t shower as I usually take the dogs for an hour walk or have pilates after the kids are at school I so shower after that). Then I make the bed.

7:00 – I spend the next half hour doing one (or more) of the following: writing, blogging, catching up on emails, sending invoices for hubby’s business, reading articles, preparing my head for what’s on my to-do list for the day.

7:30 – The kids are up and so starts the groundhog part of my morning routine which involves getting breakfasts, preparing school lunches, doing girls hair and generally prodding them along until we are out the door at either 8:15 (if we are walking) or 8:30 if we are driving.


If I were to change anything about my morning routine it would be to get up a half hour earlier, so I have a full hour of writing time before the kids get up, but generally that half hour just makes me tired. I really don’t know how Kelly Exeter manages to be up at 4am! If I could get myself into bed earlier I could do it, but as I’m also a night owl creatively, I tend to do a lot of my writing at the other end of the day.

With morning routines, I think you either love them or hate them. I envy those who can just take it easy and perhaps start with a bit of meditation and a quiet cup of tea, but that’s not me. Starting with a routine and getting my exercise in sets myself up for a good day. The days I don’t stick to my routine, always end up topsy-turvy and unproductive. So I think I’ll be sticking with it!


What’s your morning routine?