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When things don’t go to plan

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How was your Easter?

I had great plans for Easter this year. Not great as in highly exciting or adventurous, just great as in nice. You know those plans that involve not much at all, no plans set in stone? Usually, those plans are the best and most enjoyable.

On Easter Saturday we ventured over to our caravan near the beach as we do each Easter. We arrived mid afternoon and then meandered around before dining at our favourite Mexican restaurant and settling in to play cards in the van. The next few days we had no plans other than to just do whatever we like,whenever we like. I was looking forward to it.

Things took a turn for the worst though, when I woke up Easter morning feeling like I had been run over by a truck. Worst. Head. Cold. Ever.

My head was full of fug, my nose blocked, my throat like sandpaper and every bone in my face, neck and upper body hurt as if it were being repeatedly smashed with a brick.

I feigned excitement for the kids on their Easter Egg hunt but then retreated back to bed where I stayed for the entire day. Wallowing in self pity and feeling more awful than I can remember feeling for quite some time.

Hubby took the kids out and about to enjoy the warm an unexpected sunshine (it was forecast to rain) and they even spent the afternoon at the beach. All the while I was wishing I could be anywhere that didn’t involve being me. I couldn’t even take advantage of the alone time! I couldn’t read, I could’t write, I didn’t even feel like eating chocolate! All I wanted to do was bury myself under the doona and try and make myself disappear.

Easter Monday came, and I felt a little better. I managed to make it through mini-golf (which I somehow miraculously won) and lunch but was undone by the afternoon and retreated back to the warmth and comfort of my doona.

What great plans I had for this weekend. All ruined. Poor Miss six was a little emotional about it, in tears at the breakfast table “I want you to be better Mummy”. Oh me too, sweetie. Me too. 🙁

So no, Easter 2015 wasn’t the best one in recent years, but the rest of the family did have a good time so I guess that’s what matters.

Me, I’m sitting here typing this up late Monday night, feeling a lot better, but now with a sore nose that would rival Rudolph’s. Yes, woe is me.

I do hope your Easter was much more enjoyable. Please tell me all about it so I can live vicariously through your happy Easters.


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