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When time flies

It’s funny how true the saying is ‘time flies when you are having fun’.

When I’m writing late at night, the house is quiet but for a few snores from the husband and the dog, sometimes I just don’t know where the time goes. One minute it is 10pm and the next it’s past midnight.

Now I know that staring at the computer screen and fingers typing feverishly away is not everyone’s cup  of tea but writing for me calms my soul, it feeds and nourishes with a richness that money simply can’t buy.

They say that the life of a writer is a solitary one, and yes it is. For many a good reason. The quiet allows my mind to delve into its creative stewpot and cook up delightful recipes of fiction. And time in my minds freezes. The constraints of routine and schedule do not exist. It is just me and my uninterrupted thoughts.

But time does still tick by and I’m sure it ticks over much quicker at this end of the day. Before long, my eyes grow too weary and my thoughts crash into each other and begin to tire. Bed calls and the alarm clock laughs wickedly.

Yes time does fly when you are having fun.


What’s your ‘thing’? 
What makes your time fly?