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When you don’t feel qualified

I feel like this teapot posing as a vase. A fraud.


What do you think makes someone worth listening to?

What gives someone credibility?

Is it a qualification? Is it a university degree? A monumental life-changing experience?

Or is it that they simply speak the truth? Right from the heart and intellectually honest?

This is something I ponder all too often.

You see, I feel I have a lot to share. In my writing journey, in my life journey. But I question myself. Often.

What makes me credible? What gives me the right to have an opinion or point of view that is worth sharing?

I’m not qualified to share my experiences or, *gasp*, give advice. I mean I’m not even a published author. Not even close. I haven’t trekked through Nepal or gone to the ends of the earth to find myself only to discover the answers to life. What do I possibly have that makes me worth listening to?

When I ask myself this. My usual answer is… nothing. I don’t have credibility. Or a degree. Or a published essay on life. Or a worldly experience. I mean I still live in my hometown! Come on! Right?

All I have, is my honesty and experiences (which seriously lack excitement I might add!).

I look at people like Elizabeth Gilbert or Brene Brown who have built such wonderful platforms from which to share their wisdom. Both, oozing with life experience, intellectual knowledge and inspiration.

Not that I could even think to put myself in any proximity to those wonderful women. I’m off in a galaxy far, far away. But does that mean what I have to say is any less important?

I struggle with this.

Over the past few years, I’ve developed a confidence here on my blog. A confidence in being authentic, honest and real. To share my thoughts on life, philosophy, mindset and of course writing. Why?

Partly to decipher and make sense of these words in my head and feelings in my soul, purely for my own reasons. But I also hope that I can be inspiring to someone out there. Someone reading. Maybe.

Sounds pompous. I know.

How dare I think that little old me could be inspiring.

But what if I could be?

What if this is just the start?

I think I know what I want to be when I grow up.

A writer of course.  A published author, without a doubt.

But, I also want to be a voice. A voice that can inspire others to look deep within themselves and listen to their soul. A voice to feed their creativity, and give them hope that if someone like me can build something of worth, to share something worthwhile, they can too. Whatever pursuit in which their passion lies.

Maybe one day I can offer advice, authenticated advice on writing. And documented advice on life experiences. Maybe one day I’ll actually be credible.

I hope so. Until, then I’ll try to shake feeling like an unqualified fraud.

Maybe I’m just being born?


Do you ever feel like a fraud?
Or unqualified?