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Where you look is where you’ll be


We all know this time of year is crazy. There are a billion things to write off before Christmas, because we all know, the world ends at Christmas right?

Silly isn’t it? That we set self-imposed deadlines that we feel we must meet. Some deadlines and events are of course, out of our control, but it’s important to take control where you can, and remember to take time to say no. And take time to breathe.

Easier said than done, but I think I’m learning too.

I read a wonderful quote today, but do you think I bookmarked it or screen shot it? No. But it was something along the lines of ‘where you look is where you’ll be’.

Meaning, if you look for the bad in the world, the negativity in your life, the busy-ness, the bills, the stress, and so forth, that is what you will see. That is where your headspace will be.

However, if you look at the good things; what you’ve achieved, the progress you’ve made, the people you share your life with, that is where you will be.

It’s a nice thought. Kind of along the lines of gratitude, but so much more.

There’s no use looking at the calendar and making yourself sick about the lack of white-space. Take each day by each day. Each time slot by each time slot if you have to. And work through it. Just like eating an elephant – one bite at a time.

But through everything find a moment to breathe, to see what you need to see to make your day brighter. If only for that short pause in time, it will be worth it. And you will gain so much from it.

In other news…

I have grand plans. I have bursts of energy and inspiration. I have exciting things to look forward to. And so I will breathe. I will tend to my patience, and calm my nerves. Good things are coming. I just know.


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