While I’m away…

I’m a touch sporadic with my posts at the moment as I’m a little occupied elsewhere.  I’m studying ‘Travel Writing’ with AWC, still in the process of redrafting my manuscript, I’m dabbling in a little copy writing, sending off some pitches and also trying to sell my business. And as much as my heart wants to be here blogging the clock on the wall isn’t pausing for long enough to allow me to. I promise normal transmission will resume shortly. In the mean time I thought I’d share some of my current blog crushes to keep you entertained while I’m away…



Anna Spargo-Ryan. Anna is an amazing writer. She weaves her words as a spider would weave its web; with delicate and intricate skill, and a fragility that makes you want to inhale her words off the screen.  She is honest, brave, inspiring and so very talented. And her talent and perseverance has recently been rewarded. Not only has Anna just scored her first book deal (how cool is that?) but her blog has just being named Personal Blog of the Year with the Australian Writers’ Centre’s Best Blogs 2014 competition. Double yeah!




Clairey Hewitt. Claire has a unique voice. She isn’t influenced by other bloggers and her authenticity shines through in her writing. Her blog is a snapshot of her life sharing bits and pieces that make you smile, think, feel good or just simply feel full stop. Right now she is on a roll with her ‘Blogging Every Day in May’ series that you can join in with too, I’m sure it’s not too late.




The Sharpest Pencil is the brainchild of Lana Hirschowitz. You may remember Lana from her days at MamaMia and iVillage, well now she has a blog all of her own and it is wonderful. Lana is funny, intelligent and she blogs with heart. Lana lives life with the blinkers off and she writes with an eloquence that is beautiful. I admire Lana’s blog for so many reasons and I’m sure you will too.




My Little Sunshine House is just that: a warm, inviting home that envelopes you with a calmness when you read. Zanni makes you feel like you are sitting right at her kitchen table or in her pretty garden chatting over a hot cup of tea. Zanni is a beautiful wordsmith often blogging as if telling a story filled with such honesty and compassion. She also writes children’s books! I told you she was amazing.





Mummy, Wife, Me is a gorgeous little blog from Renee and someone I can really relate to. Renee shares her journey through marriage, motherhood and being a woman in the complicated day and age in which we live. I love how she rattles off a blog post with random thoughts from her head that just make perfect sense. I’m loving watching her journey and sharing the ups and downs that we all go through in life.




 John Anthony James, (aka JJ), blogs about the stuff that comes out of his head. I can say that there’s some pretty interesting things up there! JJ is currently working on his first speculative fiction novel (and going great guns from what I hear!) and we seem to be in similar places with our writing and thoughts a lot of the time. JJ is witty, genuine and straight to the point. He has a soft spot for cats and unicorns and also regularly posts about tarot cards in his series Tarot Tales: A skeptics journey through the cards of the Tarot – interesting stuff indeed!


Hopefully a few of the above are some new blogs for you to indulge in, although I wouldn’t at all be surprised if you already read these guys as they rock! Until next time, tell me…

Who’s your blog crush at the moment?