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Finding your purpose: Whose path are you following?

stone steps

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It seems many of us are lost at the moment. Many are feeling the pressures of the end of the year, the stress of Christmas and the uncertainty of the year ahead. And many of us are tired. So tired.

I’ve seen many people fall to pieces at this time of year, myself included. After all, we are only human, we can only take so much.

One of the problems with falling to pieces is we tend to grasp onto things to stop us falling. We grab at the first possible thing we see hoping that it will be our savior.

We look at other peoples journeys and only see the success. We are too blinded by our own frustrations to see the hard work, commitment, and failures that went on behind the scenes. We think their path is the only path and that it should be our path.

It’s very similar to what I spoke about earlier this week in following others formulas for writing. With so many ‘tried and true’ ways to write a novel, it’s really a wonder why we aren’t all successful published authors by now!

Or is it?

We can’t follow someone else’s journey or advice to the tee. Because it just won’t work.

What we need to do is take on board information from many sources and be specific about what resonates with us. And it has to resonate strongly.

There is no use someone advising you to ‘throw out anything you haven’t used for three months’. Sure it’s great in theory, but will it work for you? If  you don’t shout loudly from the rooftops ‘Yes! Yes! That is what I need.’, then most likely it’s not. You need to adapt it to suit you. And remember baby steps.

Elizabeth Gilbert who has long been a mentor of mine, recently spoke about this much more eloquently than I, on her Facebook page. She advises:

“Don’t do what I did. Ask what I asked.”

That advice is powerful.

Look inside, ask questions, find your purpose, forge your own path.

Yes it may be similar to the path of others; ultimately we are all searching for inner peace and purpose, but it needs to be your own. You need to own it for it to work.

Living by someone else’s rules and advice will only lead to you feeling like something is missing. What will be missing is YOU.

So although I bang on about my own journey here, it is not so you will follow in my footsteps every step of the way, it is simply to inspire you to make your own way. To inspire you to trust yourself and to discover what is truly meaningful in your life. To inspire you to find what satisfies your inner fire and calms your soul; both at the same time.


What or who inspires you to follow your own path?