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It’s a love hate thing

It’s true I have a love/hate relationship with the internet. There are days where I see it as a necessary evil, only venturing on it in a ‘have to’ sense for work or internet banking. Then there are days where I can’t stop clicking through my bloglovin‘ blog list and admire such wonderful writing and thoughts.

Of course the internet is here to stay and certainly needs to be a part of my platform for my writing career, but there is another side to the internet that I love.

The interaction.

Seems quite obvious really, being a writer/blogger and all, of course I would love the interaction and conversation that goes on. And it is not all insults and slander from keyboard warriors that the mainstream media would have you believe.

Bloggers, in fact, are a truly wonderful and supportive crowd, as are “Mumpreneurs’; both which represent most of my online ‘crowd’.

But the real thing that I love is that this conversation and interaction can change opinions. The fact that we all have our own opinions and beliefs is paramount to our existence. But sometimes, we aren’t seeing the big picture. Our perspective is skewed.

Yesterday I had a little online chat with a friend regarding my piece on Angelina Jolie and how I feel she is a hero for her decision to have an elective double mastectomy. My friend on the other hand disagreed. Of course she felt Angelina was admirable for sharing her story and opening up the issue to the world, but she didn’t, however think it was heroic. Just sensible.

Now, before I had this little online chat I was most certain of my view. My certain that Angelina is indeed heroic, as are the other woman who face dealing with such a decision. But after chatting with my friend, I realised, maybe heroic is the wrong word.

The little hamster jumped on his wheel in my brain and started whirring,  the maze that is my thought process began to take shape and lead me to another answer. A new perspective.

I’ve been mulling over perspective quite a lot lately and I know it is because I am attempting to live in the present moment, so perhaps it is my mindset that is opening myself to new ways of thinking.

I am certainly more open to others’ opinions than I used to be, which of course comes with age. But I do believe that the online space can be a fantastic place to hold ‘discussion’ and see others’ points of view and I do love how the world wide web allows us to connect with people from all walks of life and on all manner of subjects and become more educated, worldly and open minded.

Don’t you think?

I’m linking with Essentially Jess today for I Blog On Tuesdays, what a great place to have a conversation!