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Why I’m entering a blog competition with no hope of winning

Yesterday the Australian Writers’ Centre announced open their Best Australian Blogs 2013 Competition. And I sucked up a huge bit of courage and entered this blog under the words/writing category.

It may seem a little pointless entering a competition in which you have no hope in winning. It is not that I have such a low opinion of my writing or blog, just that there are so many wonderful writers with blogs out there who are further advanced in their writing careers and who are worth recognising before moi.

So why enter?

Even though I know the chances of my blog being shortlisted or even longlisted is a long shot I promise there is method to my madness.

Firstly, I hate popularity contests (which is why I haven’t entered the peoples choice award). I don’t believe they serve a purpose other than to make the entrants feel one of two things; loved or lonely. Sure everybody wants to be loved, but lonely? Not so much.

The Australian Writers’ Centre is one of the few blogging competitions that are judged on merit rather than popularity. You only have to read through the 2012 winners list to see the calibre of bloggers who won. Not always the most popular, but one of the top in their genre for a variety of reasons.

However, the main reason I am entering is to cement in my head that I am a writer.

It may sound silly, but the hardest thing as a writer, is to call yourself a writer without feeling like you are five years old and playing a game of make-believe. Unless you are a best selling author or renowned freelancer, to the everyday person, a writer conjures up images of a reclusive weirdo or someone sitting around doing much of nothing. (Which is sometimes not far from the truth!)

As a writer it really does take time and confidence to get past that feeling of needing to quantify and qualify what you do. Us writers can be a strange lot and often suffer from feelings of inadequacy and lack of confidence. And often the hardest thing to overcome is the voice in our own head that tells us we are not a writer.

Who do you think you are calling yourself a writer? Have you ever been published? Mmmmm….didn’t think so. Writer. Hmpfh!

But I am a writer. I write, therefore I am. And entering this competition makes it official. It is but one step, but an all important one in my head space.

I am a writer. I am a writer. I am, I am, I am a writer.

So what now? Well I guess I had better get to doing some writing! Seeings I’m a writer now and all.

Are you a writer or blogger?
Ever struggled with calling yourself either?





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