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Why I’m okay with fairy tales

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Last weekend we took our youngest daughters to see the new adaption of Cinderella staring Cate Blanchett, and I’m pleased to say we all loved it!

Fairy tales have increasingly received a bad wrap in recent years, and in some cases I agree with the criticism.

Beautiful princesses and endings promoting happily ever afters tied neatly in bows and perfect smiles aren’t necessarily the things that I want my girls to aspire to, but often the message in the fairy tale is more than just that.

As is the case with Cinderella.

It’s the way the story is told that makes the difference, and this version of Cinderella nailed. it. .

The main points of the story are still there, Cinderella loses her mother and her father remarries, not long after dying himself leaving Cinderella to cope with an evil and scorned step mother and her selfish, self-indulged step sisters.

However, there are elements that are woven into the story telling that help us see the story differently.

Firstly we see Cinderella meet Prince Charming, in the wood prior to the ball, neither knowing who the other person is. The scene is engaging and entertaining, and builds the chemistry between the pair beautifully.

The story then continues along as normal, inlcuding the Fairy God Mother scene, where Helena Bonham Carter shines as FGM extraodinaire.

At the ball, Cinders and Kit (yes, that’s the Prince’s name), reunite, now with Cinderella realising he is a Prince, and now the Prince thinking Cinderella is a Princess.

The clock strikes midnight and off hurries Cinderella before the magic wears off, of course leaving her glass slipper behind.

Cue the Prince ordering a search for ‘the girl in the glass slipper’, which was done in such a brilliant way.

The story of course ends with the Prince finding Cinderella and her coming forth, showing the Prince who she really is. The Prince of course sees past her rags, and declares his love for her, saying that her courage and kindness what makes her beautiful, not the way she looks.

I think  sometimes we jump to conclusions when it comes to fairy tales. We see the superficial nature of the story and the prettied up animation and jump on our high horse.

I was brought up on fairy tales and make-believe and I turned out okay. For the most part anyway.

We take things too seriously. Why can’t we enjoy a little fiction, a story to enjoy and take us away from reality into a world of magic and make-believe?

I think we can. And that’s why I’m okay with fairy tales.


Are you okay with fairy tales?
Have you seen the latest Cinderalla movie? 

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