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Word for 2015


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For the past few years Bron over at Maxabella Loves – Heartfelt living has encouraged her readers to choose a word for the year. The idea is to choose a word that will help you focus and move forward with your goals and hopes for the year.

Last year my word was change. And I really think I committed and succeeded to change in many aspects of my life. You can read more about my 2014 word here.

For this year in moving forward from change, I’ve been contemplating what my word should be. I’ve thrown around a lot of words: build, prosper, risk. All words that represent my vision for the year ahead. And of course I thought about purposeful and simple, both of which I am aiming for strongly this year. Then I thought of my writing and my goals related to 2015 in that respect and words such as determination, grow and focus sprang to mind.

But in weighing up all my options I realised there was a perfect word to encompass all of what I want to achieve this year:


2015 is in many ways a new beginning for me. With freelance writing and copywriting full-time from home, continuing my change towards a more purposeful and simple life and also coming to terms with living the last year of my thirties!

Fearless is how I want to approach all of this. Fearing less of failure, less of what others think and less of the new and undiscovered. Of course the goal of being totally fearless of anything is unattainable, but if I can accept my fears and be brave enough to push through despite them, then I can only succeed.

As Elizabeth Gilbert says in Eat, Pray Love:


“Fear — who cares?”



Tell me about your word for 2015. And make sure you check out Maxabella’s One Word post where you’ll find many inspiring people sharing their own words for 2015.