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Why I’m redefining the work/life balance myth

work/life balance myth

Work/life balance has been a phrase thrown around for some time now. The buzz phase of the 21st century to appeal to those who want it all and aim to get it all by successfully balancing career and life.

I’ve been there and done that. Been sucked in by the whole – “You can have it all.” work/life balance myth. Hell, once I even wrote a book about it. And now, I’ve come full circle.

It’s not that I don’t believe in the ‘you can have it all’ mantra. I think you can have whatever you damn well like, as long as it aligns with your self and gives you purpose.

What I have learned though, is the work/life balance argument is actually a farce, and it’s in need of some serious redefining.

Balance by true definition means in ‘equal amount’ or ‘even distribution’. And I don’t think that is achievable in any aspect of life.

I think we need to look at the whole life balance equation a little differently.

Rather in terms of equal weight or merit, perhaps in measured weight, that can from time to time shift.

So, now I look at it differently.

I’m made up of a hundred different working parts, not just career vs life. For me, the new definition is allowing my life to invite all the things that make me content and ‘balance’ them out with the mundane and necessary.

I allow time for all the things in life that have meaning, add value, help me live with purpose and intention and that align with my true self.

In turn, I acknowledge the good and the bad, embrace the fear and invite purpose. I learn from failure and I celebrate small moments.

It’s time to say goodbye to the work/life balance myth. Go on, kick it to the curb, it’s an added struggle that you don’t need.


What do you think of work/life balance, myth or other?

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