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Worried about what others think? What about this?

what others think of you


It’s human nature to be concerned about what others think of us. As much as we shouldn’t, and as much as we try and sometimes succeed not to, from time to time, probably more often than not, it still happens.

Festering in the back of our minds, secretly hiding behind most decisions we make. We can’t help it.

But what if we looked at it a different way.

What if we thought about the times where people thought of us in a positive light?

Let’s put away all negative and judgmental thoughts, and put aside thoughts based on envy or jealousy. Let’s think appreciative, admiring and heartwarming thoughts.

How often do you look at someone and think the following:


‘Wow I love her new haircut’

‘I’d love to look as good as her in sports gear’

‘What beautiful manners those children have. A testament to their parents’

‘They have a gorgeous home and such a flair for decorating. I wish I could be that creative.’

‘Amazing. She just does it all. And so effortlessly’

‘I admire her/him/them so much. Such an inspiration.’

‘What a beautiful heart she has.’

‘How I wish I could write/paint/sew/work/dance/xyz like that. Such a talent.’

‘I just love her style! Man, she always looks awesome.’

‘So dedicated to her kids, what a great mum.’

‘I’m so lucky to have a friend like that. Where would I be without her/him?’

‘Such a down to earth, genuine person. I love that.’


I could go on.


These are thoughts I think often when I look at others. In the school yard, at the supermarket, people watching from a distance.

They aren’t envious or jealous thoughts. Just pure, nice thoughts.

Now, what if you turned it around and began to realise that people actually probably, most likely, in fact I’d be damned sure, think those thoughts about you.

Yes YOU!

Friends, family members, acquaintances, even strangers.

Isn’t that cool?

How nice is it to think that you are doing a good job. That you’re getting something right, and even if it’s just in that moment, someone is admiring you. They are smiling inside thinking about you and the good person you are. How good you look, how amazing you can be, how strong you are, how simple and honest your attitude to life is. And so much more.

It’s a hard thing to think about.

Mostly we would brush it off. ‘No way! No one would ever think I look good in sweat pants!’ But someone probably does!

Just think of the bloggers you admire and look up to. The ones you visit every week to be inspired, warmed and feel at home. Yes. That’s the amazing thing about blogging. We aren’t just inflating each others’ sails – it’s genuine.

So don’t brush it off. When you start being hard on yourself, remind yourself that you are enough. You are doing good. You are doing your best. And there are others out there thinking that you are too.



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