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Why I write

why i write

Back in March I was tagged in a blog hop on My Writing Process and it seems there has been many spin-offs from this, the latest gained momentum over at Always Josefa which now sees me tagged by the lovely Lisa at Random Acts of Zen.

Now I don’t mind banging on about this topic so if you will indulge me I’d love to do an update on my March post. If you are however, bored by hearing everyone write about writing, feel free to click away now and pop back in a few days. I won’t be offended. Promise.


What am I working on?

I’m currently working on a couple of freelance articles for online sites and am polishing a couple of pitches to travel publications for my upcoming trip to the USA in September. I’d love to have at least two articles commissioned before we go, a tall order for a not yet published travel writer, but I always like a challenge.

As regular readers will know I have copy edited the first draft of my manuscript and have received the feedback from my professional critique. I’m currently back in planning and plotting phase working hard to fix plot holes and find the essence of my story. It’s tough, frustrating but probably the most rewarding part of the process so far. I have learned more in the past three months on the craft of writing than I have in the past three years and I know I am a much better writer already because of it. There is still a long road in front of me but I’m shifting gear and it feels good.


How does my writing differ from others in its genre?

I still find this a hard question! My last answer I discussed well developed characters in my fiction and that is still true. I’m a character based writer who loves nothing more than well developed, emotional, fractured characters that a reader will want to invest their time in. So I hope that this shines through in my fiction.

As for my blog, I think all blogs differ in different ways. There are differences in content and style, and each writer has their own personal tone and voice. Here on my blog I simply want to share. To share life and love, to share my writing journey and to share thought provoking content to inspire different ways of thinking. I just want to make my words count. That is what drives me.


Why do I write what I do?

This hasn’t changed. I just have to. I have always had a vivid imagination, as a child, and even now. My mind often races away with stories and characters, at times they seem so real. So I write. I never thought I would actually make a career of it. In fact, I never really knew I wanted to be a writer growing up, but now, as I turn my life towards writing as a career, both freelance and fiction, there is nothing else I can imagine doing.


 How does my writing process work?

Generally again, my writing process is much the same.

Blogging I can tend to do at any time that inspiration strikes. Sometimes I’m full of ideas and smash out a few drafts at a time, other times I’m barren. Feast or famine.

I find I do my best paid writing (freelance articles) during the day at my desktop computer. Here I find my professional brain switches on for research, interviewing and drafting, writing and re-writing. I have recently tried to become very organised and indulge my love of notebooks at the same time. I have a notebook for story ideas, pitches and commissions, and editorial contacts. I like to be organised.

For my fiction my writing process is a little different. I’m a night owl and do my best creative writing at night when the house is quiet so I can hear the voices in my head. Since my critique I’ve really turned to plotting to strengthen my story telling. As much as I’d love to be able to sit down and write freestyle I find I need direction and a focus on structure. It’s definitely helping my current work in progress and I’m excited to use the techniques in my next story idea. Again, I have notebooks to help me. A big one for my current WIP and a smaller one where I’m currently fleshing out ideas and themes for my next manuscript currently and appropriately titled ‘Fiction 2’. I also have another notebook called ‘words’ where I jot down phrases, observations and any story ideas that pop into my head (often at the most inappropriate times like in the shower or at 3am in the morning!)


So there you have it, an update on my writing process. It’s been interesting (for me at least) to do this and I think it’s a bit of a regular thing I will do as a self-analysis, cause I just love to analyze! But I promise to do it in private next time so not to bore you all mindlessly. Again.


Now comes the time where I tag two more lovely writers which is getting tough. So many wonderful writers and bloggers have already shared their writing secrets which has been wonderful, but there are also so many more out there! So I’m handing the baton to…

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What’s your favourite thing about writing or blogging?

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