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Writing Focus: Masterclass


It’s time to put my word for 2017, FOCUS, into action. The next five days will see me taking part in a Fiction Masterclass with one of Australia’s most successful commercial fiction authors, Fiona McIntosh.

The masterclass is an amazing opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business. Fiona is a true master at crafting stories with seamless plots, rich settings, and complex characters. Stories with the perfect balance of conflict, drama, and most importantly, heart.

To be able to learn alongside a handful of other aspiring writers is one I don’t take lightly. This experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it’s no mean feat for me to get here.

Firstly, it’s the very first time I’ve traveled by myself. And for a country girl, driving to the city and catching a plane to another state is somewhat daunting! It’s involved an extreme amount of planning, from organising air travel, accommodation, and the logistics of leaving our two younger girls at home with Dad and their busy schedules. Last week was spent preparing meals, school lunches and snacks – the freezer is full! And the whiteboard is full of information and instructions so everyone knows exactly what’s happening day to day. It also turns out I’m missing my sister-in-law’s 40th, and my daughter’s first netball game of the season (and I’m the coach!). So, let’s just say I have an extra suitcase full of mother guilt packed on board for the trip.


I’m going to push all that aside and focus on why I’m here. To learn. To improve. To work towards my goal of becoming a published author.

I’m buzzing with a mixture of excitement and nerves. I’m going to glean so much from Fiona. Not only her wealth of knowledge and experience in writing and publishing, but also her passion for well-told stories. That sort of stuff is infectious, so I hope a little of her magic rubs off on me!

I hope to do a brief post each evening after the class while it’s all fresh in my mind. There’s going to be so much to take in. It’s going to be exciting, tiring, and overwhelming – but all in a good way.

Masterclass is here. And I’m ready!