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Writing Insights: Sometimes you just need to write

This is the first in a new series for 2013 called Insights. Twice a week I will be blogging about insights – Monday Insights will be to do with writing, and Thursday Insights will be about life. I hope you enjoy.


I feel like I have been on a writing journey all my life. It has always been there, pulling at my sleeve or tapping me on the shoulder like a gentle reminder of something I need to do. But writing is not always easy. Actually I would be quite correct to say, for me, writing is rarely easy. The times when it does flow effortlessly are blissful and euphoric, but at other times it is frustrating, confusing and all consuming. But I still do it.

There are times when I sit down in front of the laptop, paused and ready to open up and let the words escape. The words are there, in my head, messily trying to push their way out. They are noisy and boisterous and all I need to do is make sense of them. I can verbalise them in my head but it is the transformation into the written word on the page that becomes difficult. But…

…sometimes, as hard as it is, you just need to write.

Write whatever words fall out; however nonsensical they may seem.

NaNoWriMo last year taught me the importance of this. Aiming to meet the word count each day forces you to get the words down. A lot of the time the words made me cringe, but they were words to work with. A frame in which the picture can be added later, more thoughtfully. And sometimes the words were brilliant – concise, emotive and meaningful. It’s times like those that make me remember why I write, and remind me that sometimes you do just need to write.


Whether you are a writer or a blogger,  how do you deal with getting the words down?