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Writing Insights: You gotta have a plan

I really love this quote. Because it is so god damn true isn’t it?

How many times have you been asked or even asked yourself what is your ‘dream job’? You may reel off things like an author, a chocolate taster, or personal hands-on stylist to Jon Bon Jovi (or that may just be me), but really they are pipe dreams. Things that we think would be awesome but that we really have no plans of following up on. A dream.

I used to think that way about my writing. Oh, yes how I’d love to be a writer, an author, a best selling author and I’d tinker around with words and story ideas but with no real plan or goals in mind to propel me in that direction.

Then one day you look in the mirror and realise that time is slipping away. The time to act is now. Well at least put some plans into action.

For me I chose the dream closest to my heart; writing. (And the fact that I think I have about one chance in zero of being JBJ’s personal stylist).

My plan isn’t set out in stone it is simple. Write. And write as often as possible. Whether it be blogging, writing articles for websites or fiction, writing each and every day is teaching me my craft and honing my skills along the way. I also completed an amazing course through the Australian Writers’ Centre, Writing for Magazines and Newspapers last year in which I learned so much. Although I am not pursing that avenue at this stage I know it will hold me in good stead once I am in a position to really focus on that direction.

Right now, my plan is to set myself goals to complete my first fiction novel. NaNoWriMo was a great turbo boost to get me starting and over the next two months I plan to finish the first draft and in April start the first edit.

I no longer have a dream. I have goals and now a plan. And somewhere along the way I hope to realise my dream.


So tell me what is your ‘dream job’?

And what is your goal?