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Writing Prompt Challenge No 3


It’s that time again! Time to challenge your creativity, let your imagine run wild, and your fingers speed into overdrive with ten minutes of free writing.

If this is the first time you’re joining, you may wish to check out the the very first Writing Prompt Challenge or Writing Prompt Challenge No 2. Both of which had a great response.

It was particularly fantastic to get so many emails and messages from those who took part in the challenge privately. Don’t feel you have to share your writing (although it’s so much more fun when you do!), but if you’d rather use the prompt for your own personal inspiration, go right ahead.

Once again, here are the rules. They’re pretty relaxed. I’m not going to come looking for the people who go over time or edit their work, however, the challenge is to stick to the rules!  So, here they are:

  1. Open a new document, blog post, notepad or wherever you intend to write.
  2. Set a timer for 10 minutes.
  3. Scroll down on this post to see the writing prompt.
  4. Press ‘start’ on your timer and get writing!
  5. You have ten minutes to write whatever comes to into your head!
  6. When the timer goes off you must stop writing (you may finish the sentence).
  7. Minor grammar and spelling fixes may be made, but no other editing permitted.
  8. Post your story in the comments section below, or alternatively post a link to where others can read your story online. As mentioned, if you don’t feel comfortable sharing, that’s okay. But do let me know you took part; tweet me, FB me or send me a quick email.– it makes my heart sing. 🙂
  9. Read, comment, and support others in the challenge!
  10. Enjoy!

As we are all busy, the comments on this post will be open from 6am (AEDST) Thursday 11th May 2017, until 11:59pm that evening.

If you’re reading this post after the challenge is completed, enjoy reading everyone’s writing below, and feel free to join the next planned challenge. You can check out my Facebook page to see when the next event will be.

And of course you can use the prompt any time, any day in your own time to practice your writing.

Good luck, and happy writing!

Scroll down for today’s prompt:








Your writing prompt is:



And when you’re done, head back to read my session below:





Her feet pounded the worn bitumen of road in time with her heart-beat. Steady and strong. For the first time in weeks, Ally’s throat no longer burned, and her legs didn’t feel like lead. Surely a sign her new fitness regime was, at last, working. She crossed the road and diverted onto the usual bush track that had became her regular running route every evening after work. It snaked its way along the winding river, the gums towering overhead filling the air with the scent of sweet eucalyptus. The sun was sneaking between the branches casting long shadows across the track. The days were getting shorter, Ally thought. Soon winter would make its presence felt and she’d have to drag out the scarf and beanie. Although a seed of doubt that she’d continue once the colder weather was here had already sprouted at the back of her mind.

She wasn’t running with her ipod today, preferring to enjoy the sounds of the evening. The footballers yelling during their drills on the nearby oval, the intermittent rumble of cars on the nearby roadway. The sounds were calming as she put one foot in front of another trying to forget about the dramas at work. And at home. She blocked the thoughts creeping into her consciousness. Not today, she thought pushing them aside. Today, she wasn’t going to let the stress weigh her down.

As she rounded a bend where the trees grew more dense, something piqued her attention. She slowed down to a jog as she tried tuned into the sound. It was feint, but she was sure it was someone sobbing. She felt the damp air beginning to settle as goosebumps prickled her arms. Something didn’t seem right. Ally’s eyes became more alert, darting from side to side, the sound now slightly louder. Then, through a well-worn path leading down to the river bank she spotted a young girl in a floral dress crouched near the water. Ally’s heart throbbed against her rib cage as she stumbled down the path towards the girl, twigs and leaves cracking and crunching beneath her feet. As Ally approached the little girl looked up. Dark curls hanging over her pale face, her eyes wide with fear.

‘It’s okay sweetie,’ Ally said in a hushed voice. ‘Are you okay?’

The little girl jumped up, her bare feet wet and muddy, her shoulders stiff, knees bent, as if ready to run.