That was the year that was

twenty fourteen

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Can you believe Christmas is knocking on the front door? This year has passed in the blink of an eye, but I’ve tried to pause time and soak in as many special and ordinary moments as possible. I think I’ve managed to do it, but even so in a matter of days it will be a new year.

2014 was overall a pretty good year. So to pay homage I bring you for the second year running, The very best of me! My favourite post from each month. Take it away….

January – The thing about happiness 

February – Talent, failure and hard work

March – How does a good book make you feel?

April – Give yourself permission

May – Love. Write. Inspire.

June – Why are we all so busy?

July – The one thing

August – What’s your best and worst childhood memory? 

September – 5 Blogging tips from a non-problogger 

October – Is your life too full? and What is self-actualization?  (I couldn’t choose)

November – 25 things that make me happy

December – What I believe 

It’s a really interesting process reading through your blogging history. The above posts show how I’ve grown over the last twelve months and makes me realise my year of change has been just that. And I like where I’m heading.

So that is that for the year. I’ll probably post during Christmas and New Year, but maybe I won’t. I’m taking it day by day.


Before I go a little Christmas message…